Unveiling “DRAMA QUEEN”, the debut album from singer, songwriter, and pianist Daniel Belquer. Each of the 18 tracks radiates a vibrant mosaic of his 40-year-long musical voyage, spun from his dramatic theatrical compositions. Belquer doesn’t just play music; he paints a symphony of storytelling, enhanced with live bass, drums, guitar, and his own poignant spoken word, bringing his compositions to life.

For the first time, this album is harmoniously interwoven with The Art of Haptics (TAoH), a groundbreaking form of expression. Delving into the realm of Music: Not Impossible, a multi-awarded technology, the music transforms into a tactile orchestra of vibrations, pulsating across 24 touchpoints throughout your body.

“DRAMA QUEEN” is not merely an album; it’s a living tapestry of various musical genres. It manifests an immersive emotional landscape of diverse themes and ideas, guiding listeners on an extraordinary, multi-sensory odyssey.

Drama Queen PremiereSaturday, August 26

Daniel Belquer, a multifaceted talent, blends the world of music, composition, theater direction, invention, and technology into a unique oeuvre. Originally from Brazil, Belquer spent a fruitful period in Rio from 1998 to 2013, composing original scores for an impressive range of over 100 shows while pioneering his own productions that merged art with technology.

In 2014, he expanded his horizons to the United States. Here, his work has found expression in several distinguished galleries across New York, Prague, Berlin, Munich and Philadelphia. His innovation and creativity have earned him recognition, resulting in notable awards like the Tribeca Film Festival Disruptive Innovation and the Everyday Genius from the Da Vinci Arts Alliance, along with acknowledgement from the Kimmel Center among others.

Since 2021, Belquer has been enriching the ExCITe Center at Drexel University, Philadelphia, as an Artist in Residence. An exciting development in his career begins in fall 2023. He is set to lead the way in a new academic discipline as the first-ever professor of Music Experience Haptic Design at Drexel University.